2986 Kings Hwy Suite G
Colonial Beach, VA. 22443
PHONE (804)224-0880
Email to: Help@pbewater.com

For NEW OWNERS: the attached bill includes a partial month water fee for the balance of the current month plus a $60 New Account Service Fee. Your first Payment for service represents acceptance of all Rules, Rates & Regulations of PBE Water Supply which are available in complete form at www.pbewater.com .  Your first regular monthly bill will be generated effective the 25th of the month.

For TENANTS: All water accounts must be established by, and maintained in good standing by, the property owner.   Please contact your landlord with any questions regarding account or billing questions, as PBE Water Supply can only furnish account specific information to property owners.  The Property owner is allowed to provide your email address to PBE Water Supply in order for you to receive a copy of their monthly bill.  Your landlord may allow you to VIEW BALANCES or make online payments directly to PBE Water Supply by pressing    Pay Now   at www.pbewater.com .  You will need the account number and property owner’s last name. Only Property owners have login access to online accounts.  Complete Rules, Rates and Regulations are available at www.pbewater.com/rules .

For LANDLORDS:  You are responsible for your property's water account.  It is imperative that you activate online account access by providing your email address to PBE Water Supply, and by following the links in the confirmation email sent to you.  You may also provide additional email addresses to PBE Water for your tenant or property manager to receive a copy of your monthly bill.  PBE Water Supply is unable to answer account specific questions from your tenant, nor will PBE Water Supply provide part month adjustments to tenants, based on their date of occupancy.  You may choose to allow your tenant to VIEW BALANCES or make payments directly to PBE Water Supply, on your behalf,  by pressing    Pay Now   at www.pbewater.com  Account number and Property owner’s last name will be required. Tenants do not have account log in privileges.

Immediate online Credit/Debit Card and Check Payments may be made through our website
www.pbewater.com  .  Upon setup of a new account a confirmation email is sent from our online billing partner. Please click the link in the confirmation email to confirm your online account and
create a password. All account billing, payment, meter reading, and usage information is provided online
We maintain a customer service drop box for payments in Oak Grove Plaza. Payments may also be mailed, but
please allow mailing time as we are unable to consider postmarks

BILLS ARE RENDERED EFFECTIVE THE 25TH AND ARE DUE ON THE 20TH OF EACH MONTH. A 10% Service fee is added to late payments.

Placid Bay Estates (PBE) Water Supply furnishes water from 3 deep wells to the residents of Placid Bay Estates. We are a privately owned public water supply which is regulated by the Virginia Department of Health. Water quality is routinely tested per Health Department standards. Like most of the Northern Neck area, our water is high in sodium content (130 mg/l) and anyone on a low sodium diet should make this fact known to their doctor. The naturally occurring fluoride level is 1.56 mg/l and should be reported to any dentist recommending supplemental fluoride treatment.

Please allow a minimum of THREE (3) working days to effect a change to an account. Our hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Thursday. Email requests to Help@pbewater.com will receive quickest response. All phone calls are answered by voicemail, please leave a message and a return phone number. We respond to emergency conditions 24/7 and our backup generators keep pumps running during power outages.

Minimum service fee is $76.90 monthly (emailed bills receive a $2.00 per month discount) and includes up to 3000 gallons for each dwelling unit or home connected, $1.192 per 100 gallons for usage above 3,000 gallons for each dwelling unit or home connected. The $76.90 base charge will be prorated based on day of month connected, and, along with a service fee of $60.00, is payable in advance when service is connected. Bills are rendered on or about the 25th of each month after meters are read the preceeding week. All bills are due by the 20th of the following month. Any “PREVIOUS BALANCE’ showing on a bill is past due and is payable  IMMEDIATELY, to prevent disruption of service. In the event that service is restricted, or payment is made to a serviceman dispatched to the property for disconnection purposes, a $60.00 service fee will be added required ($80.00 if after hours, subject to availability).   A $30.00 returned check fee is imposed on all payments returned unpaid for any reason. There is a $60.00 charge for any service call requiring a meter reading or a visit to the home. Checks are not accepted for payment of an account restricted for non-payment.

Please direct any questions or comments to Help@pbewater.com for quickest service.

We maintain an email message system  to provide water system, emergency, and community information to anyone who provides us with an email address.

We welcome you to the area and trust that you will enjoy living on the Northern Neck of Virginia