REGULAR RATES FOR EACH SINGLE FAMILY HOME OR DWELLING UNIT:  $79.90 minimum monthly service fee includes up to 3000 gallons in each of 12 annual monthly billing periods, $1.192 per 100 gallons for usage above 3,000 gallons.  Fees assessed by regulating authorities or costs associated with local governing bodies' projects, including VDOT, and including any costs associated with meeting regulations or community needs, are passed on to the customer as an addition to regular billing and will change as those costs change.  Due to DEQ's regulations, there will be no billing credits given for leaks of any kind. Please see DEQ Regulations for details.  It is the responsibility of each account holder to view his monthly usage and promptly repair leaks.  Minimum monthly service billing is continuous, with no credit given for vacation, seasonal, or tenant change suspensions of service.  All such suspensions must be carried out by the property owner or their representative, without disturbing Water Company valves.  Building Codes require that each home have an accessible shutoff valve in the service line near where it enters the building. Any restriction, or temporary shutoff, of water service for non-payment will not result in reduction or removal of minimum monthly account service fees.

A $5.00 per month credit is provided to those customers who have elected to receive their bills by email.  Rental property owners must provide an email address and may elect to provide multiple email addresses which will allow a tenant and/or a property manager to receive a copy of the owner's monthly bill.

OTHER FEES:  $8200.00 tap, accommodation, and impact fee for new homes shall be received, with application, at least 90 days prior to desired connection date.

Application for re-activation of any tap which has not been connected to a structure, or continuously billed for water service, must be accompanied by an impact, accommodation, and upgrade fee of $410.00 for each year that the tap has remained dormant.  Fee and application must be received at least 90 days prior to desired connection date.  Additionly, all previous monthly billing must be paid in full.

$60.00 for service calls and restoration of service which has been restricted or shut off for any reason.

$80.00 for after hours service and reconnects (if available)

$60.00 collection fee if company representative is paid a past due account while visiting the premises for restriction purposes.  Cash or certified funds may be required on any past due account.

$30.00 returned payment charge.

All costs involved in a meter check, pressure check or water quality test shall be the responsibility of the customer who requested said check, unless a meter proves faulty, pressure is found to be below VA Health Department minimums, or water quality is substantially below SDWA standards as reported in our annual water quality report.  All costs shall be billed with, and become a part of, the customer's water bill.

$60.00 processing fee for account billing changes requiring a meter reading.  All of previous balances must be paid in full prior to account changes.

 EQUIPMENT:  Meter, meter box, curb stop, corporation stop, and associated piping shall be furnished and installed by company and shall remain company property and under its sole jurisdiction.  Customer shall be charged for repairs to company equipment necessitated by actions of customer or his agent.  Company shall not be liable for damages caused by the opening or closing of company valves.  Meters and valves and associated piping will be installed on the property of the customer or on an adjoining public way or easement and access by company representatives shall not be restricted nor shall the integrity of company equipment, facilities, or associated soil cover be jeopardized in any way.  Customer shall furnish his own valve for temporary shut-offs, shall insure that all plumbing connected to the water system meets applicable plumbing codes as administered by Westmoreland County, and shall use a service paipe with a minimum pressure rating of 160 PSI.

RENTAL PROPERTY:  Property owners are responsible for obtaining and maintaining in good standing all water accounts.  The owner's email address must be provided for any rental property.  If desired, rental property owners may choose to provide PBE Water Supply additional email addresses which will allow a tenant or property manager to receive a copy of owner's monthly bills.  Property owners receive full access to online account history, while tenants have access to a payment portal only.  Tenants should contact their landlord with all billing related questions or comments as PBE Water Supply can only discuss account specifics with the account holder.  Tenants reporting any emergency, directly to PBE Water Supply, should provide an address or an account number in addition to a return email address or phone number.

BILLING:  Meters are read during the preceeding week, and bills are rendered on, or as close to, the 25th of each month as weather, holidays and weekends permit.  Bills are due by the 20th of the following month.  Interim or Initial bills are due upon receipt.  A 10% service fee will be assessed for late payment received after the 20th of the month.  Company reserves the right to correct billing errors.  Failure to receive bills shall not be a valid excuse for late payment, as billing is always available online.  A deposit of $150.00 may be required, of any customer receiving service, until satisfactory credit has been established.  Anyone requesting service or currently receiving service agrees to abide by these regulations and shall allow the placement or maintenance of water mains and related facilities within their lot boundaries.  Any account balances must be paid in full prior to account changes or transfers.  Please allow a minimum of 3 days for routine activation or transfer of service.  There will be a minimum service charge of $60.00 for any activation, transfer, or service call requiring a trip to the property.  Any balances, credit or owed, will be transferred to the new owner.  Billing disputes will not be honored after due date of bill in question.

CONTINUITY OF SERVICE:  While it is the intent of the company to provide the best service possible, there shall be no guarantee of quality, clarity, sufficient or uniform pressure, or of an uninterrupted supply.  Customers are advised that certain chemicals occurring naturally in water may be harmful to their health (i.e. sodium content is high throughout the Northern Neck).  Proper precautions should be taken in the home to reduce risks.

CROSS CONNECTIONS:  No pipe connected to company service shall also be connected to pipes supplied with water from any other source or to any device which may harbor bacteria or contaminants of any type.  This shall include pools, tanks, wells, canisters, additional dwelling units, etc.  Any questionable connection shall be reported to the company for approval, as it could provide a means for contamination.

DISCONTINUANCE OF SERVICE:  Service may be disconnected for any of the following reasons:


   Willful or indifferent waste of water


   Failure to restrict water use during extended dry periods


   Tampering with company equipment or installation of any device in the home plumbing or service line which might have a              detrimental effect, in any way, on the water supply, quality of water, or water pressure 


   Non-payment of statement within 10 days of due date


   Violation of any rule or regulation of the company


   Use of water connection for other than single household usage

REPAIRS:  Company shall have the right to repair leaks in customer's service line and to bill customer for repairs, or, at company's option, to discontinue service until repairs are made by customer.  Every effort will be made to contact property owner prior to action being taken.

EMERGENCY SERVICE:  Please leave message on office recorder (804-224-0880) and follow any additional instructions given by recorder.  An address, account number and return phone number should always be provided.  IN AN EMERGENCY, THERE IS NO TIME AVAILABLE TO RESPOND TO EACH CALL.  PLEASE DO NOT REPEATEDLY CALL TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY OR REQUEST AN ESTIMATED REPAIR TIME. INSTEAD, CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS.


CALL MISS UTILITY AT 811 or 1-800-552-7001


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